Jones Mediation

Why Arbitration

Arbitration is the process by which one or three persons (arbitrators) decide the outcome of a dispute after hearing the parties’ positions expressed through testimony and/or exhibits as in a trial in court. However, the trial does not take place in a courthouse. It takes place in a setting chosen by the parties. Generally the setting is a conference room at a law firm or an arbitration facility.

Resolving the dispute through arbitration at Jones Mediation (JM) allows the parties and their attorneys to select the trial date, avoid extended procedural challenges, and to have the case presided over and decided by a Senior Retired Judge experienced in law and trial procedure. Often the arbitration decision is rendered within thirty days, unless a longer time is agreed upon by the parties. Since there are limited grounds for overturning an arbitration decision (for example, if the decision has been procured by corruption, fraud or undue means, or if there has been evident partiality or corruption on the part of the arbitrator), the overwhelming majority of arbitration decisions are final and are not set aside by the Courts. In summary, by choosing arbitration at JM the parties participate in setting their discovery schedule for presentation of exhibits and witness testimony, select their trial date(s), and receive a timely decisive award issued by a retired senior judge experienced in law and trial procedure.